From its founding, bet8网页登录旨在成为一个连接社区的高技能和学院从业人员致力于服务世界各地的家族企业.

Today, FBCG consultants collaborate in many ways: working with clients, creating educational resources, developing workshops, sharing in peer groups and learning through formalized mentorships. 我们还在团队和任务小组中一起工作,帮助客户推进实践领域的利益. 视频会议和云计算等技术的出现让事情变得更简单了.

In the early days, however, 创始人确信,建立这种文化将是一项优先任务.

The following is an excerpt from FBCG’s “Autobiography” history book celebrating our 25th anniversary.

公司成员最初主要分布在芝加哥和亚特兰大, and later across North America and the world. Everyone had their own offices.

Our headquarters and staff were small. The challenge of building a strong organization and shared culture was daunting. In the beginning, there was no internet. Conference calls were rare and expensive. Phone, fax and face-to-face were our primary means of communication.

From the start, it was determined that the group would meet quarterly, alternating between Atlanta and Chicago determined by season. 在整个团队开会讨论业务发展之前,所有权团队会先开会, then focused on building relationships within the group. 创始人Craig Aronoff将季度会议称为我们的“虚拟办公大楼”,在那里我们可以一起工作.

One hundred quarterly meetings later, 我们的目标似乎已经实现,我们是一个强大的组织,成员之间经常保持bet8网页登录, bonded and guided by a strong shared culture. 会议仍在继续,并被视为我们是谁以及我们持续发展的关键因素.

FBCG Quarterly Meetings: An Appreciation by David Lansky

每个季度的会议都是计划好的,由一小群顾问和工作人员轮流安排我们的时间, present material, and manage various panel discussions, speakers, and group exercises. With respect to FBCG culture, 季度会议有力地证明了我们对连续性的承诺和对每位顾问专业发展的承诺.

Just as we emphasize to our clients the value of transparency, we manage our firm with great transparency, openly and continuously sharing financial information, strategy, and plans for management and ownership succession. 每个季度都包括一份来自管理负责人的bet9网上登录公司业绩和计划的报告,以及来自董事会主席的bet9网上登录总是在季度前一天召开的董事会会议的报告.

We believe that our culture should support and nurture all of our stakeholders. 我们投资于季度会议,因为我们相信,重视共享社交时间的文化可以加强顾问之间的bet8网页登录,并为深入对话创造机会, mutual support and co-consulting. 新顾问会在季度会上介绍,并为即将离职的顾问举行告别会. 季度数据跨越了距离,使我们能够招募到最好的顾问,无论他们住在哪里.

在季度会议中,我们欢迎并鼓励在安全沟通的气氛中进行公开对话——这并不总是容易的, not always comfortable, but inevitably constructive and productive. 我们尊重公开对话和深度分享的价值,有时可能会偏离既定议程,以确保在处理商业或实践关切时听取所有声音.

Finally, 我们的季度会议展示了我们对不断发展的文化的承诺,支持学习型组织——不仅仅是因为我们关注个人和职业发展, 但这些会议提供了一个向FBCG管理层和所有者反馈的机会,旨在丰富每一位顾问的专业经验,并提高我们为客户服务的专业知识.